Belfast Millie Tours - Local tours with local people

We will begin are tour of the most interesting and popular attractions in Belfast. We will visit the Titanic Quarter, which celebrates the city's once prosperous shipbuilding industry. N. Ireland's Parlament, Stormount and then drive through east Belfast, once the home of author C S Lewis. As we return to the City centre we will pass the Albert clock, city hall and St George's market etc before heading south to see the stunning Queen's university, Botanic gardens and Ulster Museum. we will then head to the north of the city passing St Ann's Cathedral, St Patricks church and stopping at Belfast Castle Where you can have lunch.

Before returning to the city centre we will head west and visit the old courthouse and the Crumlin RD jail, the famous Falls & Shankill neighbourhoods, torn apart during Belfast's most recent troubled pass. We will cross the peacewall and visit Conway mill & the Republican Museum we will visit the famous Murals in both neighbourhoods.

On this Belfast sightseeing tour I will drive you through the streets of Belfast visiting all the famous attractions of this quaint little city and also the not so famous ones.

From the Victorian buildings of Queens University, Custom House Square and Crumlin Road jail to the majestic City Hall, Belfast Castle and Parliament Buildings. We will visit all parts of the city from the Cathedral Quarter to the Titanic Quarter.

Belfast is now becoming famous as an open-air gallery, with hundreds off murals painted on walls throughout the city. Let me take you through these once war-torn streets where now the murals tell the history. We will pass through the Peace wall that still divides the working class communities of the catholic Falls and Protestant Shankill. This tour is fast becoming the most popular tour in Ireland. Highlights include The International Wall, Conway Mill, The Republican Museum, Bombay Memorial Garden, The Peace Wall, Shankill memorial garden and Crumlin Road Jail & Courthouse.
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