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My name is Lorraine and, like you, I too love to travel and have done so extensively, so I know what travellers like you want and I have many very happy clients who can confirm that my tour was among the very best they have ever had anytime, anywhere. I love my home city and I’m passionate about showing to others just how amazing Belfast can be. I’m a natural storyteller and I grew up in one of the areas most heavily associated and affected by our conflict. Like my fellow citizens i have witnessed the very worst and the very best of life in a divided city has to offer. This informs my tours which are based on the facts (often disrupted) and my own lived experience. I’m not just going to read you a generic list of facts but hopefully take you on a journey through the real Belfast.

Theres no hiding the divisions in Belfast but it all adds to the passionate debate and strong identities which give the city an unmistakable edge that makes the town alive and exciting. We have learned to acknowledge our differences while celebrating that which unites us. Belfast in 2020 is alive and beginning to thrive. With our Irish Peace Process, we have often been at the heart of major international news stories which has created a world-wide interest in how a city once notorious for conflict and religious strife is now a city reborn, not perfect but continually striving. We have become a poster city for reconciliation and post-conflict debate about identity, difference and belonging.

We have loads of great attractions like the world famous Titanic exhibition. The great ship which stands at the centre of the history of Belfast. It has received endless praise from visitors and tourist and travel magazines and the media. My home town is regularly listed in the top 10 must see cities in Europe and indeed the world. It’s easy to see why! Belfast is a fabulous city. We are a fun-loving people who enjoy life and who know how to party. Our Celtic roots mean that socialising, coming together and celebrating life is our way of life. So get in touch

Our vehicles are all of a high standard and DOE (dept of environment) checked and we all have Public Service Vehicles licences

Sobre Nosotros

Nuestro nombre es dedicada a las 60.000 mujers & los ninos que han trabajado en los fabricas de lino de Belfast. Las mujers se llamaron "Millies". El mayor parte del desarrollo de la ciudad esta debido a estas mujers, que ensenaban mucho fuerza y determinacion durante las dias mas duras de nuestra historia. Por eso se merecen estar recordadas. En mi familia hay 6 generaciones de millies y por eso estoy muy orguoso de ser una millie.

Belfast Millie Tours es un proyecto de comunidad, con gente del pueblo contando las historias de sus vecinos y antipasados y tambien de sus propio barrios. Somos guias profesionales con muchos anos de experiencia. Somos certificados por La oficina de Turismo de Irlanda del Norte y por World Host

Nuestro vehiculos son de muy alta calidad y todos tenemos carnet de taxi.

Horarro:  Cuando ustedes nos necesites

Lugar:     Belfast y Irlanda

Tel:          0044-7784526626

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