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Woman's HERitage Tour

This tour was created to celebrate & promote woman's valuable contribution to the development of the city and their fight for social justice. Hear about the struggle of the suffragettes in their fight for the vote. The creation of the women's centres. Women in nationalism & unionism. The education reformers, the trade unionist, the artist, singers and many more. We will stop at Conway mill, one of the last linen mills to close and was recently renovated and is now used as a community hub.

Belfast Millie Tours takes it name from the 60.000 women (millies) & children who were slaved in the linen mills and whose contribution to the development of our city largely goes unrecognised. The qualities that these women showed during the toughest times of our history, from the industrial revolution to the 1980's, deserve to be celebrated and most importantly remembered. I like many people from Belfast come from six generations of millies and am very proud to be one.

Duration: 1h 30 - 3hs

Price/Precio: Depends on bus size and duration of tour

Depende de los numeros

Group of 1 - 8 from £250

Patrimonio de las Mujers

Hemos creado este tour para celebrar y promover el contribucion que han hecho las mujers al desarrollo de nuestra ciudad. Mientras pasaremos por las calles vamos a contar sus historias y ensenar los sitios donde han dejado sus marcas. Va eschuar como han luchado por el voto, la vida dura de las mujers que trabajeron en los fabricas de lino, la formation de los centros de mujeres, los sindicatos, republicanas y unionistas y mucho mas. Hacemos una parada a Conway Mill, la ultima molina de cerrarse. Recien reformado y usado como un centro de comunidad.

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